Wood Salad Bowl Set With Bamboo Servers, Best For Serving Salad, Pasta, and Fruit. Beautiful Bowl Looks Great On Your…


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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN ESSENTIAL. You will be so pleased with this stunning bamboo salad bowl and servers! We believe that so strongly, we guarantee it. Go ahead and use it, right out of the box. Give it a quick wipe with a damp rag, then place it on your counter with some seasonal fruits. Want to know what it says about you? That you care – about the planet, about your family, but also about style in your home. Or throw together a salad, and toss it with those handy-dandy “hands”. They’re so fun to use, much nicer than boring tongs! Having the gang over to watch the game? Or to play some games? Serve up your chips and snacks with this bowl. The square shape makes it easier to fit more snacks/cards/drinks around it. And guess what – this set make a great gift! Christmas, Hanukkah, housewarming, hostess, wedding – this recipient will love you for it. Honestly, we know there are lots of choices that are just a click away on Amazon. So why choose us? We are a small, family-owned company, and when you purchase from Midori Way, you get us on your team. Not some nameless, faceless mega-marketing corporate machine. We know that if we sell a quality product, and you’re satisfied with the whole experience, we can rely on you to tell your friends. Once you buy from us, we’re here for you 100%, because you are the heart of our business! Caring for your Bamboo Salad Bowl & Servers When cared for properly this set will give you pleasure for years. Never soak the items, but wash with warm water and mild soap. Wipe excess moisture and let air dry completely. Then apply a light coat of a food grade mineral oil or cutting board treatment with a soft cloth. Wipe off the excess oil before storing.
This BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED BAMBOO BOWL will look great in your home, blending with formal and everyday table settings equally well. Included are a pair of servers that rest on the side of the bowl when not being used.
Made of STURDY ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO, with a beautiful, golden grained pattern like wood, but a much more sustainable choice.
Use to serve SALAD at dinner, hold CHIPS at your party or the big game, store FRUIT on the counter, or as a DECORATIVE PIECE on your Table Skirts !
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Midori Way was founded by 2 moms who are passionate about our families and preserving our environment. We’re also passionate about delivering a great customer experience to YOU.

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