Thymes Heirlum Pumpkin Gold Candle, 1 EA


Long Lasting Burn: High-quality paraffin wax and non-metal wick create a burn time of up to 32 hours
Artisan Design: Thymes is inspired by botanicals in art and nature to create refreshing fragrances
Fragrance Details: Heirloom pumpkin, creamy caramel, warm vanilla bean, and spicy cinnamon

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Long Lasting Burn: Thymes candles fill your surroundings with long-lasting fragrance and pure, welcoming ambience. Made with high-quality, food-grade paraffin wax and non-metal wick for a refined, clean burn that evokes warmth and comfort.
Artisian Design: Thymes Home fragrances are born from nature, and grown through thoughtful design and artfully created formulas. Inspired to live and flourish in the home, these fragrances perfectly capture the essence of each season.
Fragrance Details: Heirlūm Pumpkin’s captivating scent, through notes of heirloom pumpkin, a drizzle of creamy caramel, warm vanilla bean, and spicy cinnamon create a soft blanket beckoning with cozy promises.
Autumn’s Rich And Decadent Enchantment: Get into the fall spirit all year long with this delicate fragrant. Light, non-perfumed and warm scent of a spiced pumpkin radiates throughout your surroundings with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.
Who We Are: Thymes products include effective, wholesome formulas that combine with unique, signature scents that are a pleasure to use and enjoy at home. Thymes opts for natural, high-quality, plant-based ingredients whenever possible.

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