siroca home bakery [fresh cheese / yogurt can make] SHB-712 by AucSale


You can taste the cheese , the full-fledged buckwheat dough course to make fresh cheese courses and , from buckwheat flour
Lots such as further natural yeast and rye bread course . Also revived popularity of French bread -style course
Body size : about W26 × D36 × H31cm Body weight : about 4.15kg

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Product Description ● home bakery of correspondence from the “siroca” series of one loaf to 2 loaf ● features, in addition to the popular menu of traditional siroca series, “fresh cheese” and “soba”, such as “rye bread” has been added. In addition, also features were many of the revival of the request, “French bread-style” course ●Even while good part inherited the series, further equipped with a variety of functions ● convenient mitten is also included
Size (approx.): Width 26 × depth 36 × height 31cm / weight (approximately): 4.15kg (in the state without a breadbox) / code length (approximately): 1.4m
Timer: up to 13 hours
※ Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) / power consumption: heater 500W /motor 50W
The set includes: body, bread case × 1, bread blade × 1, rice flour only bread wing × 1, measuring cup × 1, measuring spoon × 1, wing-up bar × 1, yogurt special container × 1, jam cover × 1, mittens × 1, Japanese original recipe × 1, Japanese manual
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