Royal White Paper Chopholders, Package of 250

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Add style and detail to your meal

Using chop holders is a great way to add classic style to any table. They are perfect for lamb, crown roasts, veal, pork, and more! An excellent way to show detail at Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving meals.


This item is disposable. It is designed to be thrown out after one use- offering convenience, practicality, and time savings.

Paper construction

These chopholders are made from paper. They are white in color.

CLASSIC, CLEAN STYLE: These chopholders are white, and offer a sophisticated appearance to any platter. The white chopholders offer a classic, clean style.
PAPER CONSTRUCTION: These chopholders are made from paper. They are biodegradable, and are able to be thrown out in the composter or recycling. (Please check with your region’s laws and regulations regarding waste diposal.)
ADD FESTIVE DECORATION: Add these colorful chopholders to crown roasts, lamb, veal, pork, and other meat dishes. Perfect for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and other holidays.
RESTAURANT AND HOME USE! This item is perfect to use at home or in restaurants. Guests will love the attention to detail. Adds a traditional feel to any dish.
CONVENIENT, ONE TIME USE! These chopholders are a disposable item; they are intended to be used once and then thrown away. This offers a more practical and sanitary alternative to a cloth or reusable garnish or decoration.

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