NoCry Premium Disposable Pie Pans (50 Pack) – Foil Aluminum Pie Pans 9 Inch or Disposable Pie Tins for Baking Delicious Pies or Crispy Pie Crusts


STURDY, DURABLE PIE TINS WITH A PREMIUM FEEL. The unique ridge design – with the lip curling outward – gives your pie crust the support it needs to bake properly. And the precision folds on the sides of each pan helps you get beautiful crimping.
INEXPENSIVE – BUT TOUGH – FOIL TINS PERFECT FOR BAKING, SERVING OR STORING. Use these tins for home baking, catering, or for freezing ready-to-bake crusts. Or get creative and use them as cake tins, camping plates, roasting tins, and takeout dishes.
PERFECT FOR THAT 9-INCH PIE RECIPE. All plates have a 9.6 inch outer rim, an 8.66 inch inner rim, a 7 inch bottom and are 1.25 inch high. This makes them a great size for those Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday pies or for bake sales, birthday parties, charity gatherings, large events, catering, or baking for the farmer’s market.

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RAISE YOUR GAME IN THE KITCHEN! These pans are perfect for every use from baking to crafts. Durable, inexpensive and flexible. Bake fantastic dishes for your family and friends. Fresh fruit tarts, cream pies, meat pies and cheesecake- will all find a perfect home in these sturdy, economical foil tins. Bake AND serve- then just recycle or toss- what could be easier? STURDY DESIGN The full curl rim and precision engineered design ensure rigidity, strength, and durability. The groove pattern in the base not only provides strength, but also aids in even heat distribution, ensuring that your masterpieces bake evenly to perfection. OUT OF THE OVEN AND INTO THE CAR Your favorite pie recipes will travel so easily in our pans. The unique design keeps your pies in shape while in transport, as well as keeping moisture away from the crust. Perfect for delivery to catering events, bake sales or holiday parties. Best of all- no more awkward moments at the end of the party retrieving your dish. Perfect for caterers- no clean up! OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Outer Top Diameter: 9″ Inner Top Diameter: 8 1/4″ Bottom Diameter: 6 1/2″ Depth: 1 3/16
SAVE TIME AND MONEY while baking tasty treats for family, friends, or customers. Our heavy duty disposable tins are perfect for the home baker or professional chef. Unique ridge design ensures a perfectly baked crust as well as strengthening the base of the plate.
DURABLE precision folds and full curl lip hold your crust in place and ensure your pies stay in one piece- wont bend or break under pressure. Create a sensational dish every time. Pies, quiche, veggies on the grill.
PERFECT FOR YOUR 9-INCH RECIPIES. Dimensions: 9 Inch outer rim. 8 inch inner rim. 6 1/2 inch bottom. 1 3/16 high. Just the right bakeware for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday pies. AND no need to retrieve your pie plate from the next gathering.
NO CLEAN UP REQUIRED after enjoying your favorite quiche- these economical pans can be reused, or recycled. Excellent for home baking or catering. Buy in bulk and save! Great for pre-made camping meals.
TONS OF USES: Personal pot pies, arts and crafts, robot costumes, pie eating contests, grill plates, apple pie, MORE apple pie. 4th of July and summer holiday baking, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday pies. As always we will ensure your COMPLETE SATISFACTION. .

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