Gerber Fast Draw Knife, Assisted Opening, Serrated Edge [22-47161]


Fast Draw folding knife deploys quickly and easily with one hand.
Overall Length 7.13″, Close Length 4.17″, Blade Length 2.99″, Weight 3.6 oz
Tactile texturing on nylon handle

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Like the men and women who carry our gear, Gerber is Unstoppable. Decades of innovation and dedication have put us here. Renowned as a master of knives and tools, Gerber’s problem-solving, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind. Today that includes much more than a blade.
Whether you’re finishing up a weekend project in the garage or heading up a mountain rescue operation, Gerber’s Serrated FAST Draw 22-47161 Folding Knife is ready to help you take on the challenge. Strong yet lightweight, this fun and easy-to-use knife features the patented F.A.S.T. blade opening technology that is pleasingly easy to open with just one hand.

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The Gerber FAST Draw 22-47161 Folding Knife offers:

  • A 2.99-inch serrated, drop-point blade
  • Strong, high-carbon stainless steel
  • F.A.S.T. spring assisted opening
  • A durable, glass-filled nylon handle

The FAST Draw knife is durable, lightweight, and reliable. View larger.

View larger.

Innovative Technology for Quick, Reliable Deployment
The FAST Draw relies on Forward Action Spring Technology, or F.A.S.T., that was designed exclusively for Gerber and patented by famed Oregon knife maker Butch Vallotton. Butch is known as “Mr. Mechanism” in the custom-knife world, a tribute to his unique designs and exceptional understanding of opening and locking mechanisms. This new, proprietary blade opening concept means that you can deploy your knife quickly and easily using just one hand.

Of course, when a job calls for more deliberate actions, you can also open this knife in the traditional way, using the thumb stud. This is the closest you can get to a street legal switch-blade.

Convenient, Safe, and Dependable Over Time
A sharp knife is not only more useful than a dull knife, it’s also safer to use. With a strong, sharp blade, you can make the cuts you want quickly and efficiently. That’s why Gerber uses a high-carbon stainless steel blade on the FAST Draw. This large, 2.99-inch blade offers a serrated cutting surface that is perfect for tough jobs like rope and scaling fish. FAST Draw is the first in a series of knives utilizing “Fast Technonogy.” Others include the Mini-Fast, Draw, Aluminum Presto 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, Vallotton, PR2.5 and PR3.0, Convert Fast, Mini Convert Fast, Answer 3.25, Tanto and Drop Point F.A.S.T.

This drop point blade, which is stronger than the clip-point style blades used on many pocket knives, fits neatly in the handle when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it or hurting yourself.

The knife is precisely balanced to sit comfortably in your hand and features a glass-filled nylon handle for strength and durability. Texturing on the handle surface ensures a secure grip for improved control.

At just 3.6 ounces, the slim FAST Draw knife is light enough to take with you anywhere. And with the included sturdy pocket clip, you always know right where your knife is.

Gerber’s History of Ingenuity
Savvy. Moxie. Craftsmanship. Attention to detail. These are just a few of the company traits that contributed to Gerber’s emergence as a world leader in outdoor gear. Joseph Gerber started Portland, Oregon’s Gerber Advertising back in 1910, and one Christmas, he hired a local knife-maker to craft 25 sets of kitchen cutlery as client gifts. The knives were so popular, Mr. Gerber ultimately left his agency to launch Gerber Legendary Blades in 1939.

For more than half a century, Gerber Legendary Blades has been helping people fend for themselves. Gerber designs popular, dependable tools and knives along with other outdoor gear that helps users accomplish whatever tasks they may be faced with, promoting the lost art of self-reliance.

What’s in the Box
Serrated FAST Draw Folding Knife.

Fast Draw folding knife deploys quickly and easily with one hand.
Overall Length 7.13″, Close Length 4.17″, Blade Length 2.99″, Weight 3.6 oz
Tactile texturing on nylon handle
High carbon surgical stainless steel blade
Sturdy pocket clip keeps it close

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