3 Bouquets of Artificial Yellow Fake Sunflowers, Each Bunch of 4 Large Flowers + 9 Small Flowers, Silk Flower Table…

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Color:3 Bunches of Sunflowers

Simulated sun flower, exquisite table decoration process and matters needing attention:

1. The material of the artificial flower is very soft, and the length of the pedicel can be adjusted as needed: it can be bent directly and can be grafted.

2. For artificial flower packaging, sometimes it is necessary to bend the flower branches. After receiving the goods, you can flatten the bent part to the original state.

3. The production of artificial flowers is divided into many processes, in which the combination of petals is handmade. During the transportation, the first flowers and leaves may fall; after receiving the goods, just insert the first flowers/leaves

4. During transportation, the simulated flowers are inevitably squeezed and deformed. Usually, the bouquet can be restored after a little sorting, or the flowers and leaves can be smoked and deformed with boiling water. When the material gets wet and soft, the wrinkles disappear and dry or blow dry with a hair dryer

5. Please do not expose artificial flowers to sunlight and water for a long time

Product parameters:

Name: Artificial Sunflower

Material: Silk cloth

Size: The overall height is about 13 inches, and the flower diameter is about 3.1 inches. Features: a bunch of seven-flowered flowers, 4 large double petals, 9 small flowers, and simulated villi core

Packing list: 3 fake sunflowers

Lifelike: artificial flocking flower core, bright yellow sunflower, color and texture are very realistic, add a touch of gorgeous color to your life
Fake flower size: The overall height is about 11 inches, the diameter of the large flowers is about 3.1 inches, and each bunch of flowers has 7 branches. Each bouquet has 4 big flowers + 9 small flowers
Easy to maintain: very easy to clean, the cleaning method of artificial flowers, generally blow the surface dust with a hair dryer, or wipe with a rag.
Safety and environmental protection: high-quality materials, environmental protection and non-toxic, never die! People who are allergic to pollen are also friendly, safe and easy to maintain
Special reminder: When you first receive the bouquet, please stretch and adjust the branches and flowers at will to get the best appearance

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