Aroma Housewares AAF-500 Air Fryer,Multicooker,Two Dial with Dual Top and Bottom Heating, One-Pot Meals, Bake, Roast…


The healthier way to cook: enjoy guilt-free food with the turn of a dial. Use less fat than traditional deep-frying to create the same crispy, crunchy foods such as chicken wings, French fries, mozzarella sticks and more.
More than just frying: don’t limit yourself to just traditionally fried foods! The Aroma Housewares air fryer allows you to make almost any dish your heart desires. Salmon, mixed veggies, stuffed Mushrooms, even brownies or baked doughnuts! This appliance is truly one to rule them all.
Unique design: this air cooker/fryer has a unique design different from any other air fryer. While most air fryers stand tall and follow a Tower design, the Aroma air fryer features a wide, shallow pan meaning more space to spread out food for crispier wings and fries. The aroma air fryer/Multicooker also boasts a glass lid, giving you the ability to see food while it cooks, a feature traditionally designed air fryers do not have.

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Cook all your favorite foods with just one appliance. Aroma Multi-Cooker is the master of multitasking. Designed to air fry your food without oil, This machine is also great for grilling, roasting and baking. Its 30-minute timer lets you set a precise cook time, and the generous Capacity and various functions accommodate everything from steamed veggies to a baked cake. It’s multitasking, mastered.

Functions: air fry, grill, sear, saute, stew, bake, steam, roast, rice, adjustable timer, adjustable temperature. Two heat settings and 30 minute timer for customized cooking
Removable cooking pan with heat resistant handles
Grill plate for even air frying and steaming
No need for oil makes this a healthier alternative
Incredible nonstick pan means you can pour batter directly in and have it slide out easily
Bottom heating can gently saute veggies safely with the lid open
The grill grate with a little bit of water easily turns the air fryer into a steamer for even healthier options
Accessories: grill grate, cooking pan, detachable cord

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