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7 Inch Heavy Duty Cleaver – Chopper – Butcher Knife for Home, Kitchen & Restaurant


PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL – Made from precisely forged by high grade 7Cr17 at 56 HRC stainless steel, this knife is very durable, wear, rust and stain resistant
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNIFE – Designed for professional and home use for slicing meat, cutting veggies, smashing garlic, creating paper-thin slices, peeling the skin off fruit or use the spine to pound meat
INCREDIBLE SHARPNESS – The ultra sharp edge and exceptional edge retention lets you to finely chop and cut meat & veggies in seconds like a chef over years

7 Inch True Kastle Meat Cleaver – Butcher Knife – Vegetable Chopper – Chinese Vegetable Cleaver – Cleaver Knife…


[ Quality ] Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel this chef’s knife will provide lasting performance; Rust, corrosion and stain resistant; Durable and sharp, this Chinese styled cleaver will quickly become your go to knife in your kitchen arsenal
[ Comfort ] Well balanced, ergonomic, comfortable, sturdy grip, light, easy to use, handle and maneuver; Forged from a single piece of steel the handle flows seamlessly into the blade, providing not only for ease of cleaning and prevention of wear and damage, but also allowing for maximal agility, comfort and ease of use
[ Sharp ] Sharp and easy to sharpen; This steel was chosen to provide for the best combination of sharpness and ease of sharpening; Long lasting sharpness edge retention and ease of sharpening

Arcos 10-Inch 250 mm 900 gm 2900 Range Cleaver, Yellow


Arcos 2900 range 10-inch, 900 grams, 4 mm thickness cleaver yellow colour handle specially designed for chopping meat and bones. nsf certified
Ergonomic handle with full colour handle available promotes hygiene and health for the consumer
State-of-the-art made blade ensures high cutting power (over 100 mm) and long edge retention (over 350 mm)

Arcos 11-Inch 270 mm 1200 gm 2900 Range Cleaver, Red


Arcos 2900 range 11-inch, 1200 grams, 4 mm thickness cleaver red colour handle specially designed for chopping meat and bones. nsf certified
Ergonomic handle with full colour handle available promotes hygiene and health for the consumer
State-of-the-art made blade ensures high cutting power (over 100 mm) and long edge retention (over 350 mm)

Arcos 11-Inch 280 mm Universal Cleaver


Arcos universal 11-inch, 0.64 kg and 2 mm thick cleaver specially designed for cutting lamb chops
State-of-the-art made blade ensures high cutting power (over 100 mm) and long edge retention (over 350 mm)
Made of hardened and tempered nitrum stainless steel

Arcos 8-Inch 220 mm Universal Cleaver


Arcos universal 8-inch, 0.8 kg and 4 mm thick cleaver specially designed for chopping meat and bones
State-of-the-art made blade ensures high cutting power (over 100 mm) and long edge retention (over 350 mm)
Made of hardened and tempered nitrum stainless steel

Cleaver, 7 In


Handle: Polypropylene
Finger Guard: Yes
Blade Material: Stamped High Carbon Stainless Steel

DALSTRONG – 5″ Steak Knife Set (4 Piece) – Omega Series – BD1N-V – Hyper Steel – w/Sheath


The Omega Series 5.5” Straight Edge Steak Knife Set takes meal time to a whole new level! Handsomely designed with a ruthlessly sharp edge, these knives cleanly sail through your prized meats, effortlessly, astonishing guests and family members. Perfect for home cooks that prepare meats on a regular basis and professional chefs looking for an alternative utility knife. Don’t think twice on this knife set, your taste buds will thank us later.
The “LiquidMetal” pattern on the blade reduces drag and increases efficiency, allowing you to glide through prep. Featuring ultra-premium American forged BD1N-VX hyper steel, the addition of Nitrogen increases hardness, flexibility, and toughness, while the blade’s composition and added vacuum heat-treatment to 63HRC provide astonishing performance, with a screamingly sharp edge. Painstakingly finished to 8-12° per side by expert blade smiths using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method.

DALSTRONG – 9″ Meat Cleaver Knife ‘The Raptor’ – Shogun Series – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – w/Sheath


The Ultimate Mini Cleaver: A Dalstrong culinary revolution combining outstanding and award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge breakthrough technology, awe-inspiring design, and the absolute best materials available. Peak performance never looked so good to you or your wallet.
Unrivalled Performance: Ruthlessly sharp scalpel like edge is hand finished to a mirror polish within a staggering 8-12°degree angle per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. Nitrogen cooled for enhanced harness, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Full tang for superb robustness and triple riveted for even more resilience.

Dalstrong 5-Piece Knife Block Set – Shadow Black Series – Black Titanium Nitride Coated German HC Steel


Menacing Design, Exceptional Craftsmanship: Designed from the ground up to be as sleek, aggressive and muscular looking as they are effective, the Dalstrong Shadow Black Series stands out from the pack. They’re not simply cutting-edge, high-performance tools; they’re a statement about who you are and your unique sense of style as a chef.
Astonishing Performance: A ruthlessly sharp scalpel-like edge is hand finished by expert bladesmiths to 15° per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. Nitrogen cooled for enhanced harness and flexibility. Each Shadow Black Series blade receives a Titanium Nitride non-reflective coating, improving robustness, corrosion resistance and enhancing non-stick properties. Crafted from a single piece of steel, each hand polished blade is full-tang for maximum durability.

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series R – Obliterator Meat Cleaver – 9″ – with Stand and Sheath – Massive Heavy Duty – 7CR17MOV High Carbon Steel – 3lbs – 6mm Thick


The Gladiator Series R ‘Obliterator’ cleaver serves a single ferocious purpose – to obliterate any culinary obstacle in it’s path with one brutal chop. Featuring outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. Peak performance has never looked so good at this price.
Incredibly razor sharp edge, full-tang, Forged from premium high-carbon 7cr17mov Steel and heat treated to 60HRC, this 9″ steel behemoth weighs in at 2.9lbs and 6mm thick. With a menacing shape inspired by medieval weaponry, this heavy-weight titan is sure to power through anything placed before it with brutal efficiency.
Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and quality feel. Ultra-premium G-10 handle is military grade with life-long durability. Hand polished, the ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior control, agility and comfort.

Damascus Cleaver Knife 7 Inch, Professional Kitchen Knife Forged with Japanese VG-10 Super Steel 67-Layer Damascus, Non…


BLADE MATERIAL – Made with 67 layers damascus steel, edge retention. Elegant hammered blade with stylish and functional design, can eliminate friction and keep food from sticking to the blade.
MICARTA WOOD HANDLE – Ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior control, agility and comfort, hand polished, achieving highly impervious to heat, cold, moisture.

F. Dick Heavy Weight Italian Cleaver – Full Tang Meat Cleaver With Large Riveted Handle And German High-Carbon Stainless…


F. Dick 11″ Blade Italian Style Cleaver With Full Tang And Thick Powerful Blade
Curved Blade Provides More Chopping Options As Well As Being Use For Rocker Cuts And Mincing
German Made Using German High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades – Handle Is Constructed Of Tough Impact and Temperature Resistant Polymers Attached To The Blade Using Large Diameter Stainless Steel Rivets

GOYNANA Luxury SANTOKU Knife 7 Inch Ultra Sharp And Non Stick Blade of Damascus Chef Knife, With Japanese Style…


YOU USE THIS NON STICK KITCHEN KNIFE EASY AS A PROFESSIONAL – It’s suitable to use by anyone. The perfect shape, balance and the harmony. between the handle and the ultra sharp Hard and flexible blade. Allow you to make perfect cuts in any thickness you want. minimizes your wrist tension and ensures easy movement. so your palm and wrist will not fatigue even after prolonged use. No matter your hand size or where you grip the unique handle provides you a secure grip and comfortable use.
SANTOKU MEANS VIRTUES FOR YOUR COOKING TASKS. THE JAPANESE KNIFE DESIGN STYLE MAKE IT CONVENIENT TO USE EVEN IN NARROW OR CROWDED PLACES IN THE KITCHEN – During your cooking you use it as a Mincing, Cutting, Pairing, Slicing, Chopping knife, for all kinds of Meat, Fish, Vegetable, Fruit, Bread and else. You do it more easy, safe and faster, than using another cooking knife. You can use it as a sashimi, nakiri, sushi knife also.
IT’S SUPER SHARP KNIFE AND COMPLETELY SAFE FOR FOOD, ITS RUST RESISTANCE. LONG LASTING SHARPNESS AND EASY TO SHARPEN IN YOUR HOME – It’s made of Damascus Knife Steel that resists rust, corrosion and discoloration. and stays ultra sharp longer. The 2.4 mm thin and sturdy blade of GOYNANA cooking knives are hand polished, for the best knife sides shape. with an edge of 13-15 degrees per side. Which is the hallmark of a professional knife.

Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife Full Tang Butcher Knifes Outdoor Meat Vegetable Cleaver for Family, BBQ or Camping


Multi-functional Cleaver: Multipurpose chef’s knifes designed for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing comes with a HRC 62 and a sharp razor edge which ensures maximum cutting performance and durability.
Sharpness: The Chef knife blade is made of Germany imported stainless steel with high quality that is rust resistant, easy to maintain, holds its edge retention and keeps long lasting sharpness.
Wooden Handle: Ergonomic Full Tang handle can prevent the blade comfortable to grip and non-slip effect. The kitchen cleaver butcher knife is a great beautiful scenery, impeccable performance this strong design with a good strength, durability.

JAPAN SEKIZO Cleaver,7 inch Chinese Chef Knife Sainless Steel Chopper Cleaver Butcher Knife for Home Kitchen or…


【Master forged blades】 Japan Fukumoto blades was established for 40 years. After many well-known craftsmen review the manuscripts and after many years of screening, the final design is this knife. The blade is made of D2 (Cr12Mo1V1) stainless steel, which is vacuum heated and cooled. After quenching, the blade hardness can reach above HRC60. Therefore, this chef’s knife shows its long-lasting performance, and you don’t need to worry about frequent grinding after prolonged use.
【Inherited ancient forging from generation to generation】 The SEKIZO 7-inch full cleaver is forged by the ancient method of high temperature and high pressure. The blade is sharper, so it is suitable for cutting meat, chickens, ducks, fish, vegetables, fruits or other foods you like. Delicious, but for extra large bones….? You can efficiently complete daily kitchen cutting work and use it all the time.

Küchenhaubeil, Palisander

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These knives are specially ground and tempered so that they can be re-sharpened over and over again, keeping a sharp edge throughout their lifetime.
Maple Wood handles feature a carved handle design with the unique beauty of natural Maple Wood, extra durable.
Our classic, traditional Maple Wood handle is designed to provide maximum comfort at all times.

Lamson Meat Cleaver, with Riveted Walnut Handle, Stainless Steel, 12″


The Lamson Meat Cleaver features a thick blade intended for chopping through bone, in addition to chopping, the cleavers weight makes it a versatile tool for slicing through dense foods
Laser Cut Hardened and tempered high-carbon stainless steel
Riveted Walnut handles that are unusually hard and durable (natural color may vary from tool to tool)