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50 Pieces – 5 Inch Disposable Aluminum Foil Tart/Pie Pan 1 1/4″ Deep, Great for Serving and Transporting without the Mess Made in USA by MT Products


JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: These mini pie tins are just the perfect size for two to share or one bigger individualized portion. They are just the right amount to fill hungry eaters for a quick snack or dinner, Ideal for fruit tarts, desserts, meat pies, and more
MULTIPURPOSE USE: These pans have more than one use- you can bake with them, use it as a serving dish straight out of the oven, and they can even be used to store any leftovers. Pan distributes heat evenly for perfect baking and they freeze beautifully too.
EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP: 25 gauge aluminum with a full curl rim quality materials has been used to ensure these tins are perfectly sturdy and can hold up to baking, transporting, serving, and freezing without crinkling or folding.

MontoPack Disposable 5″ Aluminum Foil Pie/Tart Pan (50 Pack) | 5 Inch Round Cake Pan for Baking Personal Mini Pies, Homemade Cakes & Quiche | Oven Safe Foil Tins Easily Stack & Store, Freeze & Reheat


It’s time to stop fussing around with those flimsy pie pans and finally make the switch to these disposable baking pans by MontoPack!
Our small round baking dishes are a wonderful choice for the making of pies, tarts, cobblers, personal-sized cakes and so much more.
They are made out of 100% aluminum foil, ensuring that they will uphold baking and distribution.

Premium 9″ Aluminum Foil Pie Pans. Disposable Tin Plates for Pies Tart Quiche. (Pack of 50)


SAVE TIME AND MONEY while baking tasty treats for family, friends, or customers. Our heavy duty disposable tins are perfect for the home baker or professional chef. Unique ridge design ensures a perfectly baked crust as well as strengthening the base of the plate.
DURABLE precision folds and full curl lip hold your crust in place and ensure your pies stay in one piece- wont bend or break under pressure. Create a sensational dish every time. Pies, quiche, veggies on the grill.
PERFECT FOR YOUR 9-INCH RECIPIES. Dimensions: 9 Inch outer rim. 8 inch inner rim. 6 1/2 inch bottom. 1 3/16 high. Just the right bakeware for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday pies. AND no need to retrieve your pie plate from the next gathering.